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Why We Started Martial Arts

Posted: November 14, 2017

I have three kids. When we started martial arts they were 10, 8 and 4. Each child holds his or her own unique qualities and well a few that aren’t so desirable. I’ve got the heady one who didn’t quite know how to use her voice to stand up for herself, the fiery one who knows how to use her voice all too well, but tends to use it at in-opportune times and the one who’s always ready for a party.  Can you start to guess why martial arts seemed appealing to me?

Though martial arts seemed a reasonable idea, like many moms, I am relatively frugal when it comes to getting my kids involved in extracurricular activities. Okay, let’s be real … I’m actually down right cheap. So it wasn’t until I found out about Victory Martial Arts’ trial offer that I even considered checking them out. I mean I’d heard about this place but I didn’t want to invest a ton of time or money into this … all I really wanted was a quick fix to make my children golden and fabulously well behaved, well adjusted and well spoken. (Are you laughing yet?)

I bought my trial offer and I bopped myself into our local Victory school where I promptly asked the lady if this was something where all three could be in the same class at the same time (I’m no dummy … nor am I a taxi service) and could I drop them off next class so that I can get some errands done (aka quiet mommy time needed). She agreed to both requests. Sweet!

The first class I seriously could not stop smiling. The instructors were engaging  -- heck even funny (I didn’t know that was allowed in martial arts) and the kids were ah-dor-able in their little uniforms and headbands.

When class was done I was grinning ear to ear and so were my children. We returned two days later and twice a week for the remainder of our trial period. As we neared the end of that period I was excited to see how many friends the kids had made and the progress I was seeing in them.

Sure the physical fitness was fantastic! And I really did get a kick out of seeing them do push-ups and sit-ups, front kicks and punches. BUT what I was really thrilled about was the life skills they were learning. Here we were in a place in modern times where yes sir and no sir were expected. Where children were being taught to look people in the eyes and speak clearly. Where it was expected that everyone who entered the school would greet the people in the room with a “hello sir, hello ma’am.”

Honesty and self-esteem weren’t just talked about; they were lived out. Instructors praise kids for where they are at while challenging them to be capable of more. I realized that this was more than martial arts – Victory was reinforcing the same values we instill in our children at home.

What’s more, the instructors seemed to really care about our kids and how they were doing. Time and again I’d see them helping with homework or asking how they were behaving at home. I saw them give kids nicknames and laugh with them. Though they expected hard work and respect (for them and others), they also had fun with the kids. My children would come out of class with smiles on their faces and tales of what they learned that day. Truth be told, I was so engaged in watching them work hard and succeed … I never did just drop them off for that mommy time. I loved watching them learn and enjoy their new sport.

When our trial classes ended I was hooked and excited to sign my family (note I didn’t just say my kids … but more on that next time) up for regular classes at Victory Martial Arts. It’s been a little over two years now and there is not a day that I’ve regretted our decision. The improvement in our children is amazing. As for that golden child of amazingness thing … well they were already amazing in and of themselves and though, they do still have a heady, fiery and party personality (respectfully) they’ve grown in how to navigate those traits and use them for success.

I give credit to what they’ve learned at Victory. Today my kids take pride in their skills and are excited to earn their black belts early next year. As for me and my mommy time … I get that in my own martial arts & fitness classes. More on that next time. ;)