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What Is Victory Martial Arts

Posted: July 05, 2018

Victory is the premiere life skills character development martial arts based program and is comprised of the top curriculum developers in our industry. We have spearheaded the program development for one of the largest martial arts organizations in the world with over 200K active members and 1500 schools worldwide!
Over the last 5 years, we developed Tigers programming for ages 3 years old and up, karate for kids, leadership and legacy program training in addition to training thousands of instructors worldwide. At Victory, our mission is To Inspire, Educate, and Develop Children Families, and Communities to Reach Their Highest Potential! Kids love it, parents approve it!

We use martial arts as a tool to develop life and leadership skills and condition positive behavior through our fun and exciting programs! Children learn how to recognize and respect authority while conditioning the behavior parents want.

• Life skills, leadership, socialization, bully prevention, building community and working on physical fitness consistently each week develops strong habits that will lead to making better choices. Isn’t that what all parents want for their kids and ourselves for that matter? I certainly do with two boys of my own!

• Parents have the option of training with their kids in our family classes and individually in our adult programs ranging from core classes to kickboxing, krav maga and Showtime!

• Teens and Adults love the training, teamwork and lasting friendships they develop here at Victory.



• Life Skills
• Leadership Training
• Condition Positive Behavior
• Socialization
• Bully Prevention
• Adult Programs
• Team Work
• Lasting Friendships


They come for the training and stay for the community! Everyone needs support, we just do it in a fun and healthy way with tons of positivity! They say you will become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. People are either throwing logs on your fire or finding ways to put it out. If you are looking for dynamic classes, awesome community and incredible support for you or a child then contact us today to receive your special offer! We’re looking forward to introducing you to the world of Victory Martial Arts for some family, fitness, and fun!