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The Life Skill of Losing

Posted: August 09, 2018

In a day in time where everyone gets a trophy – Mr. Woo shares how his son Dylan (11 years old) learned a valuable life skill … in losing.


Read his testimonial below and check out his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaRe1RvVXws

Life Skill Losing


“At this school (Victory Martial Arts – Georgetown, TX) Master and Mrs. Bertling do an outstanding job of teaching life skills. I want to teach one through Dylan's journey to the World Title as I believe showing a practical perspective will help to inspire. Dylan certainly inspired me -- and probably a lot of others -- as well. 

Through Dylan's journey he had to overcome failure, which I believe is one of the most important life skills one needs to learn in order to be successful. I see so many kids in class get so discouraged and upset when they don't break their boards, or forget their form, or get beaten in sparring. It's tough but it is so important to never give up!


Never give up on your dreams or your goals! Remember the three words we say every time we enter the school. YES I CAN!


The video shows the first time Dylan did his first form in competition and the form he did when he won his World Title. Hopefully when you watch you will see that forms was not always easy to Dylan even though he makes it look easy. When he failed after his first tournament he never gave up … even though there were times he wanted to.


After watching the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaRe1RvVXws it will help to convince you to never give up and that failure and rejection are only the first steps toward success is absolutely true!


After he won world champ I told him I was most proud of him not (because) he won world champ, but (because of) what he learned to get there. He never gave up. He had the courage to dream. He learned to overcome failure and believed in the commitment of what it took to be the very best. I told him by learning these things it should help him to be confident and that he can accomplish anything … and that is the foundation to success in the future.”


Thank you Mr. Woo for sharing your and Dylan’s story! Congratulations Dylan on your World Title and your perseverance!