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Posted: December 09, 2016

A Black Belt is a white Belt that never stood still, is an orange belt that overcame difficulty, it is a yellow belt that does not abandon its goals, is a camouflage belt  beginning to develop and grow in strength, is a green belt that listen to his instructor, is a purple belt that starts to stabilize its physical and mental power, is a blue belt that dominated his ego, is a brown belt that has dominated the art and has become a modern Warrior, is a red belt that has learned self-control and reject the darkness of fear. 

This means the student has mastered the basics of the art and is now ready for a more advanced form of training.

This is just the beginning the real path has just begun.


Posted: December 05, 2016

Passing the black belt test is an experience any martial artist will remember for a lifetime. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You began your martial arts adventure by showing up to practice that first day. Now you have to survive to the end. But the road to black belt is in some sense a journey of attrition. Many who started training when you did will not be there when you take your black belt test. By definition, martial arts focus on training armed and unarmed techniques for self-defense, sport, and combat. Over time you will become proficient with the basic techniques while knowing the techniques is an obvious, tangible part of the black belt, there is an important intangible component that is just as critical. Some call this grit, courage, or character. it's that quality that keeps someone from quitting in a fight - never giving up.

If you are doing martial arts just to get a black belt, you are missing the point and will likely fail in your attempt. The belt is a reminder of the tremendous growth you've made while training in your art - becoming fit, learning technique, gaining confidence, becoming disciplined, showing respect, overcoming mental and physical challenges - all important life skills that make you into a better person.

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