Posted: December 22, 2016

As a culture, we place a lot of expectations on the holidays. As kids, we always looked forward to the joy of the season: all the cool stuff we would get, all the great food and treats, and lots of time to just enjoy life and have fun since the school was out for a few weeks.

These memories are imprinted into our mind and are revived every year with the sounds and sights of the holidays. To most, it's a special time of year, one in which we celebrate and connect with those closest to us. Bu


Posted: December 09, 2016

A Black Belt is a white Belt that never stood still, is an orange belt that overcame difficulty, it is a yellow belt that does not abandon its goals, is a camouflage belt  beginning to develop and grow in strength, is a green belt that listen to his instructor, is a purple belt that starts to stabilize its physical and mental power, is a blue belt that dominated his ego, is a brown belt that has dominated the art and has become a modern Warrior, is a red belt that has learned self-control and reje

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