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Posted: October 31, 2016

To be honest is to obey our conscience; it means to have the courage to confront the consequences of our actions no matter what prices we may have to pay nor what pains we may have to endure: it is to take responsibility for our actions, to be accountable.
While we are all born honest we often learn to be dishonest. This is why is very important to reinforce honesty and keep it as a habit throughout life. Of course, the best way to do this is by practicing being honest right from the beginning of our lives. The best way to practice honesty with others by being honest with our parents. A parent can be very helpful in keeping children on the truthful path.
Characteristics of honest people:
- They always speak the truth
- They take responsibility for their actions. 
- They look at others straight in the eye.
- They confront the consequences for their mistakes. 
- They’re sure of themselves.
- They have self-esteem.
- They keep their promises
- Others rely on them
As leaders, we must exemplary citizens and contribute to strengthening our society by being honest and following the rules, and also by confronting and denouncing those who break them.
Being honest with the world is contributing to what is best not just for ourselves and those around us, nor for a particular society, but for all humanity. 
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