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Halloween Safety Tips

Posted: October 26, 2017

If you stop and think about it, Halloween is the one time of year we completely contradict everything we’ve ever taught our kids. Seriously. We spend 364 days telling them not to talk to people they don’t know, don’t go up to unfamiliar homes, and never, EVER, take candy from strangers. Then comes Halloween. The one day a year that we throw this idea to the “spirits” and break all of our own rules.

It’s okay, we’re not here to be the nagging troll on your Trick or Treating adventure. We just want to offer a few safety tips so all the little goblins stay safe this Halloween!

  • Make sure your ghouls stay with your group. Do not let Spidey or any superhero go to houses alone.

  • And though your Mutant Turtles are certainly fierce … Keep them always in eyesight.

  • Make sure there is some sort of reflective clothing or light source on your ninja so he can be seen by cars.

  • Did you know that more people are hit by cars on Halloween than any other night of the year? So keep the zombie crew on sidewalks and off the streets.

  • Wait to let them eat their goodies until you’ve thoroughly checked the packaging for any tampering – like it or not, there are still some real monsters out there!

And remember … when the sugar crash turns your sweet treats into crazy creatures, send them to class. We’ll help them work off that energy!

Happy Halloween from our Victory Family to yours!